Integration is nothing more than mutual acceptance


Psycho Social Counceling

Professional Counselors

are here to work with you

free of charge in your own language where ever you are. 




We concentrate on the family to insure the children stability


Children must have the worlds attention. They are all you have for tomorow

Students Support


you can not have a stable child in unstable family. Let us work together

Helping School Students platform - launch target March 2020




Social and Official Support

Archiving of official, important documents and all support in the administration and drafting of documents in order to facilitate dealing with the German bureaucracy in its first phase.

This service is performed in compliance with all privacy and security standards.

We offer assistance in dealing with the authorities as well as the administration of your documents.

For non members we offer

Investors Club

The core of this club will be the Immegrant Investor. Whether to help him or her finde speaking partners or even starting an administrative joint venture projects with Kidi-B2 under the concept:

Management by Coordination