Mrs.  Hemayel in a Joint Venture with Kidi-B2 Investors Club

About the Investor


Mrs. Hemayel is a very active person. She has been for a long time busy with the issue of the Natures healing power. She came to Germany and lives with her family in Schleswig Holstein.  Mrs. Hemayel (or Om Karim as she prefers to be called) sees that many of todays problems can be best handled by going back to the basics of what is natural.



"The way you eat makes your body and the way you feel makes your spirit" bringing both of them in harmony is really important and  it is your own task.



Your natural sources of energy, the way you take your food and the surroundings you live in are the only influential factors that dominate your general physical and emotional well being.



Undo the damage you have done to your body!!


yes, it is in your hands 

Wheat Grass

Our wheat grass has been grown to the best standards. We want to bring it to you fresh so you can get your daily dose of 50 to 60 ml. of wheat grass juice. That dose may change for those taking the wheat grass for tumers. 

Food Inovation

A mixture of different cultures designed to brings to your table the healthiest eating habits from around the globe. presented to satisfy you. Learn the concept and let your imagination design your own taste, yet in the healthiest way possible.

For example, bread without the use of grain.





You owe it to your body. Do not underestimate the effects of what you eat, not only on your physical part but also on your mind and your spirit.  


Your Internal Energy interacts with your surroundings. 


let's work in making your home connect with your inner light.