Honorable guests ... whom we share the same goal with, and that is to provide assistance where needed and as our resources allow.


Karims Integration and Development International, in the field of Integration has set goals for its activities for the year 2020.


We plan to


1. To organize psycho social educational programs to qualify local counselors in,,, and,,, around the areas of instability. The focus now is on the Middle East . All the courses will be in coordination with established European Academies.



2 . We Also plan in 2020 to organize intensive educational programs for immigrants here in Germany with the chance of service mobility


We also plan to provide secured online counseling services.




3. We also intend to continue to provide Support to the local immigrant communities.


What makes our approach needed is that we provide culturally rooted integration support as well as psycho social help.


At this time we are providing contractual services to immigrants communities.


Our services are limited to Hamburg and Schlesweg Holstein but we are aiming to expand not only German wide but Europe Wide.


Those goals that the platforms team had set for 2020 may look bigger than us...


Especially bigger than me, a 24 years old immigrant, who had to re transform him self and adapt a new life away from my family, yes one may think they are big goals.


But I disagree...... No goal is to big,,,


We can.




Ladies and gentleman ,, this platform needs support


I am not talking about financial support only

even though that is a big need for a team mostly of immigrants who are behind this platform.




We will be pleased to present to any interested ministry or organization our detailed proposals and the areas of support where we need help.



I would like to thank you once again for kind consideration



Karim Integration and Development International



A. Karim Albrem

Executive Speaker

Internationl Communication