Shaimaa The Lawyer

Television screens were showing the bodies of Yemeni children and their parts scattered between smoke and blood. Seven-year-old Shaima was holding the remote control and staring angrily at the depth of the image and bloody scenes that have become a daily routine in her country, and in the midst of blood that fled the body of a child on the screen, Shaima Ali Ahmed Qaed Qasem decided to beome a human rights lawyer to contribute to the defense of children's rights and save what remains of childhood in her wounded country. Shaima was not dreaming, she decided to be, but the war imposes its decisions that do not accept veto, and the Houthi militia has decided to kill the human rights lawyer before she became one. A mortar shell fired by Houthi militia landed in front of Shayma's house. Shaima lost her right leg, her body and the bodies of two children she was playing with were crushed and another child was killed, and when Shaima woke up, she asked her family to write the date of the incident on the walls and door of the house 29.05.2017

Dignity .. wasted

 There is no distressing moment of sorrow such as the moment that the victim sits next to disability crutches or stares at his/her truncated leg, which was separated from his/her body in a brutal warfare in which the accused fight and the innocent fall victim. Otherwise, what was the crime committed by Mother Karamah Murshid Qaid Khalid for one of her legs to suddenly depart her body. Karamah, whose life is characterized by a mother who has lost her dignity, needs her lost leg more than anyone else whose legs have been amputated. She is the mother of a large family whose fate is linked to every step she takes with dignity on the paths of facing rugged life and meeting demands of the family's daily life, which Karamah seems to be the only guarantee of its continuity. At 11 am on March 30, 2016, a bullet from the rifle of a Houthi sniper settled in the leg of Karamah, which lives in the Al-Duha crossing in Taiz. Doctors have amputated the injured leg so Karamah can continue her life and role even with one leg. So far, it has not yet been confirmed: has Karamag been able to do so?

Jamal and the Ugly

 Do not stare in the eyes of Jamal Jameel Jassar when he looks at you. The gaze of the 12-year-old condemns the whole world, first of all you. On a wheelchair and two artificial legs, Jamal recalls the moment when the shell that injured him and four of his relatives landed in Bir Basha neighborhood in Taiz. It was an afternoon, and Jamal, along with the childhood comrades of the neighborhood, were preparing for the games of the afternoon, where they practiced the fullest extent of happy play, freedom and innocent naughty. The day of 13.03.2018 was unusual. The Houthis or ugly people, as Jamal and his wounded colleagues called them, were aiming a mortar shell at the children gathered and the disaster occurred. Jamal says he will forget his natural legs and adapt to the new ones on his body, but he will not forget the ugliness of Houthi, calling on the world to support him.

Fakihah (fruit) .. picked by a mine

Fakihah opened her right eye on the ruins of a body torn by a landmine. She needed time to absorb the horror of what had happened and realize it was her body. At 10 am of mid-November 2018, Fakihah Ahmed Mohammed Abdul Rahman went out to perform her daily work in grazing and woodcutting as the Yemeni rural women who shared with the man the burdens of life and the hardships of dependency. Her slender and crippled body was stronger than her 41-year-old, challenging all conditions of poverty, disease and premature aging symptoms. Fakihah was next to a tree when they were hit together by a landmine planted by the Houthi militia in Al-Shaqab village of Taiz governorate. Fakihah and in addition to losing her right leg lost her left eye, and with her right eye, which hardly sees and her broken left leg, she tries to live.

Hamamah … without oxygen

Hamamah is dead .. A breath of oxygen was enough to save her life. A shell fired by the treacherous Houthi militia on Dec. 27, 2015, settled in the area of Shaab Al-Dabaa, and settled near the house of Hamamah Yusuf Ali Al-Nahari while the shell fragments settled in the chest of Hamamah. The Houthi militia imposed a total siege on the governorate of Taiz, the city suffocated and people without water, air, and food. No hospital in Taiz could receive Hamamah. The Houthi militia destroyed most of the hospitals and looted the stock of medicines, and prevented any medical supplies from entering Taiz, including oxygen cylinders. Rescuers from Hamamah's family and the villagers went on the longest search trip of life for Hamamah, who is dying gradually. At the Republican hospital in Taiz, doctors tried to save Hamamah, but the first-aid attempt was without any oxygen, so Hamamah closed her eyes forever.

Awdah … didn’t return

 Many go and do not return, and this is one of the disadvantages of the war, which means nothing other than the madness and the unknown of the Houthi militias. When Awdah Hayel Mohammed Ali left her home in the neighborhood of Hina in Taiz on 52015/11/, the sky was blue and the neighborhood of Hina was quiet more than usual and nothing occupies the mind of 15-year-old Awdah except excellence in her study to be that dream she wants for her future. It happens that a dream is born in war that it grows and grows in the safe corners and the moments that drew from the arrogance of gunpowder and smoke. The hobby of walking under the blue of the sky fueled the spark of the dream and makes it more brilliant. That was Awdah hobby. During her watch of two children from her neighborhood, Talal and Ihab Ali Qaid Qassem, a Huthi shell landed and tarnished the features and calmness of the place and three bodies, none of which has returned home.

Farah .. all this sadness

 In her fourteenth spring, Farah Amin Majed Abdo Thabit was like other girls in full bloom of youth and vibrant stage of life. Mortar rounds fired by the Houthi militia indiscriminately or targeting residential neighborhoods and civilians form another distorted reality, and death is positioned at the nearest point of life. Farah had her life even in the war, the longings of the spring, the aspirations of tomorrow, a husband, a job and children, and then a crazy shell fell with her big dreams of joy on the truncated feet and sad crutches. A surprising stage raided the natural context of life and overturned everything related to Farah, and Farah has to fight with one foot starting from the date of 7. 4. 2017, the day Farah began all this sadness and refraction.

Omar … is not moving

 2:00 noon on 15.01.2019 Omar Mohammed Farhan 10 years was returning from his school in the neighborhood of Rawdah of Taiz province. The heat of the sun pushed him to a speed walk towards the shady house and sparked in his head the cinder of a dream that stings his imagination from the moment he became fond of skiing enthusiasts and their flying shoes. This icy dream often came to him in a country melted by war on its turbulent furnace. Omar did not give up his dream even as he sweats in the afternoon hell and heat of the sun. The Katyusha shell immediately intervened to settle the dream and impose its absurdity, as the Houthi militia has always done to Yemeni children. Katyusha spread its rabid fragments into Omar's body, permanently disabled him and left him unable to move. The dream melted, the ice evaporated and the shoes flew away from Omar who had completely forgotten them.

Yunus .. rabbit and thieves

(That's why the rabbit fled .. You had to pinch it from his right thigh. What is my fault if you do not pay attention to that? The thieves said this is true. Uncle Caprino is right, go and eat your food uncle we ....) Yunus Ismail Qaid Nasser, 12, listened to his uncle Ali Mohammed Abdullah Iskandar as he recounted one of the masterpieces of international child literature, a popular folk tale from Italy. The tale of uncle Cabrino, who defeated the thieves with his intelligence and resourcefulness. However, Iskandar, Yunus' uncle, was not like Caprino in his ingenuity and intelligence. The moment the story reached the peak of its plot and pleasure, the thieves killed him and he fell covered with blood and fragments of a mortar shell fired by the Houthis from Al Sallal hill in Taiz. Uncle Iskandar died and the shell amputated Younis' s legs and left hand and one of his eyes was extinguished. The thieves did not pinch the little rabbit from his right thigh on the advice of Cabrino but amputated all his limbs and the funny tale.

Uday … another body

 Since being shot by a Houthi sniper bullet, he has been stuck in his back and Uday Abdul Wahid Mohammed Al-Azani cannot control his body. The elegant 13-year-old athlete is no longer able to control urine and feces. The gunshot paralyzed completely. He was disputed by two dreams, to be an astronaut or a skilled pilot flying his plane the atmosphere of the universe and flying in the top and suddenly on 29.10.2015 sniper bullet settled the matter between the two dreams and threw the child Uday outside their airspace, and another body that was not his body. The bullet paralyzed him and his big dreams, and Uday's body was out of control. Since the injury, Uday no longer wears sunglasses and stares at the top

Hope .. and paralysis

Amal Abdul Razzaq Abdullah's body is out of his neural nervous network and control and management center. She has lost her ability to any independent move with her body that looks like a dead body. She can't stand, sit, walk, or move. Dead life and quadriplegia caused by Houthi sniper shot in Al-Shaqab neighborhood of Taiz province on 5\10\2016. The 22-year-old Amal will have to go through the rest of her life as a punishment, but Amal, who is lying in bed, still keeps her eyes shining. She certainly did not lose hope.

Aminah … and water

If she had a return to life, Amina Amin Jarallah would go to fetch water. Between two hard options, dying of thirst inside home or risk adventure to fetch water. The 60-year-old Amina chose to take the adventure. The Houthi militia was imposing a fierce water blockade on Taiz, the first Yemeni province in terms of population density and scarcity of water reserves. Amina was well aware that her blood drops could precede water drops she ventured to fetch from a tank near the Republican hospital in the Kalabah area. On the scarce water resources of Taiz and its route, the Houthi snipers stationed on the surrounding hills were at the height of readiness and concentration. The prevailing law that was imposed by the militia on the people of Taiz was: blood for water. The sniper shot pierced Amina's head. She was one meter from the water tank when she left life with two thirsty lips.

Dalila … Futility

Dalila Abdo Mohammed Ahmed, 28, lost her legs, consciousness, and sense of life when she was hit by a landmine planted by the Houthi militia in the road of al-Shaqab, Sabr district of Taiz province. This was on 07.0 7. 2017 .. After a time, Dalila woke up to half a body and legs preceded to the cemetery and body parts, which are killed by the Houthi militia in part and in whole. Delila said in a tone of who understands that surviving with a fragmented life is just like death, and in Dalila's view, death is not about departing life, but about your body or any of your dear body parts departing you. Dalila still continues to meet with relatives and colleagues to feel life and celebrate her surviving the deadly mine, but Dalila is the kind that does not give up her convictions or replace them.


Mumayaz and Rayan

Rafik Thabet's family from Maqbana in Taiz governorate has always been keen to protect the psyche of its two young children from the terror and horror of war. Whenever there was an explosion in the neighborhood and the hysteria of the war raged everywhere, she would embrace her children, Rayan and Mumayaz and assure them what was happening outside was just a party and that ALLAH loves children and never forgets them. The afternoon of 28\8\2018 did not come to the family of Mumayaz and Ryan according to the program of a safe and happy childhood, which was pursued in the development of the psychology of the two children and protection from pollution and complex. The Katyusha shell landed from where the Houthi militias were stationed on the perimeter of the neighborhood and completely tore apart the body of Mumayaz, while the foot of his 4-year-old brother was amputated and their parents had to undergo intensive programs in more than one psychiatric clinic in order to rehabilitate them for life without Mumayaz and Ryan and they remain as are.

Ola .. Dangerous slide

9-year-old Ola Nashwan Mohammed Salam will stop her childish passion for her pink doll. She hates her and this is a natural product of war, which is nothing more than the embodiment of all hatred. On the morning of 1\9\2017, shrapnel from a shell fired by the Houthi militia stationed on the perimeter of Zaid al-Mushki neighborhood in Taiz hit the spine which resulted in slipped vertebras and pelvic cavity. For a long time, Ola has been out of life in its dynamic and interactive sense. she sits alone as she contemplates her fate, crafted by a Houthi shell that has betrayed her childhood innocently and a love story between her and her pink doll.

Majed ... terror of the mirror

Barely life returned to Majed Mohammed Saleh Abbad 30 years .. his face barely returned which his lower jaw fell with his teeth and surgical sutures formed on his neck and chest chains and stitches that will accompany him for life. A sniper from the Houthi militia in the Al-Ashraf Basin area in Taiz hit him with two sniper rounds that penetrated his body at the chest and lower part of his face. The sniper was sipping the toast of achievement when Majed plunged into his blood and the people rushed to help him. This was one of the rare times that medics survived the sniping

Muhannad and anger

11-year-old Muhannad Hamoud Farhan has an outrage over everything. The Houthi militia has taken away everything from him since 15 January 2017 and there he is sitting in a wheelchair with a paralyzed body. At 10 am of that morning, a shell landed in the Al-Hasab neighborhood of Taiz. Muhannad and his 9-year-old brother were sharing with their friend Mohammed Ali Saeed, their neighbors, the fun of life and childhood naughty. Mohammed Ali Saeed was killed and the shell paralyzed Muhannad's body, while Yazen incurred injuries in his body that were not severe. When the photographer asked him to smile in the face of the camera he could not. Isn't smile the first victims of the Houthi militia and more of that are the children?

Marwan … Where is his mouth?

Marwan Taher Hashim al-Boura suffered a lot of dental pain, like the people of Taiz province, which suffers from water scarcity and water free of fluoride, which is important for dental health. At the age of 28, Marwan decided to save a monthly amount to treat his teeth from decay, he is of the age of marriage and youthful elegance. Marwan began polishing and cleaning the front end of his teeth in the dream project. Marwan's handsome only lacked white and bright teeth. The Houthi militia hit him in his mouth. Complete laceration of the mouth and gums, a fracture in the bone of the nose and his teeth fell. On 1\10\2015 in the area of Thaabat of Taiz, Marwan lost his mouth, handsome and smile that was distinguishing him from the people of his region, and remembered well by Thaabat

Fatimah .. in the heart

There is no language that can describe the moment when the child Mayaz sat next to the heart, which has always given him love and compassion, and a bullet has settled inside it. Mayaz and his mother, Fatima Mohammad Al-Tulqi, 40 years old had just had breakfast on the morning of August 29, 2016 in Hathran, Taiz province. It was the last breakfast. Mayaz heard it well: that bullet that settled in the heart of his mother when she came out of the door of the house, the sound of the bullet resonated in his heart and his mother's heart silenced without cries .. just as every big heart will do the moment it's covered with blood

Minya .. wretched farewell

The tears of Abdel Kader Ahmed Amin descend and his voice suffocates with the oppression. It's the oppression of men which is miserable in the sight of a father who is the head of the family and yet dependent on it. Since he was disabled by shrapnel from a Houthi shell while he was outside his home on al-Arba'een Street in Taiz, Abdul Qader has been unable to face life and take responsibility for his family, but he was confident that he would return to work one day after full recovery. However, calamities do not come individually, especially in Yemen. They all come at once. On September 11, 2015, his five-year-old Minya was killed by shrapnel from a Houthi shell that penetrated the wall of the house. Minya's sister and mother were injured by shrapnel. Abdelkader felt the sour of the inability of standing helpless about this situation, unable to help his injured. Because of his disability, Abdelkader could not help his child Minya as she struggled with the last breath of life, and his wife and other child wounded. Minya died and the disabled father said: with Minya died everything.

Abdulelah … God-seekers

In Yemen, which is experiencing the worst humanitarian disaster in the world because of the Houthi militia, 35-year-old street vendor Abdulelah Ahmed Ali has been living life as a daily battle, and victory is usually on its side. His large family lives on what God grants it, and from what Abdulelah gets from seeking God giving. God-seekers is a term Yemeni call everyone who lives on his unknown and unspecific daily income. He was passing with one of his neighbors in Wadi Salah in Taiz, both of whom are fighting life as a daily battle. No one knows the nature of the dialogue between them the moment the shell landed. It will not be a dialogue about anything other than the siege of the Houthi militia, difficult life situation, the requirements of the house and the humiliation of men who age in the prime of life and the pride of youth. There is no sound where the Houthi militias but the sound of death, the militia fired a mortar shell from Al Salal Hill, a point where it centered itself over the two God-seekers as they pass together, and the dialogue between them ceased for life since 8\5\2017.

Soha .. family shell

Suha 'Abdullah Naji Salem, the 3 years old child, was only deferred a day before death after she and her sisters Lamia, Ansam and their father were injured by shrapnel from a shell that fell in front of their house in Al-Salakhana neighborhood of Taiz governorate. Wounds caused by the shrapnel of the projectile fired by the Houthi gunmen on the neighborhood on 12 February 2016 were dispersed on the bodies of the family. Only Suha's mother, who was not at the scene of the explosion and accessible to the frivolous shrapnel, survived. The wounds left by shrapnel were light, moderate and severe. But the shrapnel of the tragedy that exploded in the mother's heart remained very serious.

Tahani ... An extinguished heart

There was a bullet that was harvesting the spirit of a resident of Wadi Sala in Taiz when Tahani Qasim Qaid Abdul Hamid woke up inside her house scared for her daughters. On the evening of 11\12\2016 Taiz, like other governorates of Yemen that have been invaded by the Houthi militia since September 2014, was plunged into complete darkness, except for generators and solar panels that fight the darkness by an expensive light mean. The first thing that came to the mind of Tahani, 39 years, was for the next bullet to land in the battery of solar panels that she purchased by selling the last remaining gold of her dowry. The explosion of the battery due to a gunshot only means a disaster that may result in victimizing of Tahani's daughters who slept close to the battery. The battery did not explode, but what exploded was the heart of the mother Tahani. A Houthi sniper bullet lodged in her chest and her big, shining heart was gone forever.

The game started .. The team is over

Place: Residential City - Taiz Time: 18\9\2015 The players are Hani Abdo Sanhan 12 years, Ahmed Amin Ahmed 15 years, Abdulelah Ali Muthana 17 years, Nazir Jalal Mohammed Salem 15 years, Ammar Abdullah Mohammed Ghaleb 18 years old, and team captain Gaid Taher Ali Al Najjar 17 years. The referee fired the whistle and the Houthi militia fired the end shell. It is the shortest and most tragic match in football history. Only the goalkeeper out of the team members escaped who were harvested by the shell all at once. The goalkeeper still keeps pictures of his friends, the remains of their torn sportswear, the remains of the deadly shell and always asks the shell whenever he feels empty and misses his friends in the life dream team: Why did you leave the goalkeeper alone?

Mohammed .. in the morgue

Barely life returned to Majed Mohammed Saleh Abbad 30 years .. his face barely returned which his lower jaw fell with his teeth and surgical sutures formed on his neck and chest chains and stitches that will accompany him for life. A sniper from the Houthi militia in the Al-Ashraf Basin area in Taiz hit him with two sniper rounds that penetrated his body at the chest and lower part of his face. The sniper was sipping the toast of achievement when Majed plunged into his blood and the people rushed to help him. This was one of the rare times that medics survived the sniping

Sarah and Tarek .. the same moment

Sara, 23, and Tareq, 25, were brought together in one residential neighborhood for a moment, but with two shells. Sarah Hassan Hazza was on the thresholds of graduation from the Department of Laboratories, a superior student witnessed by all for her generosity of morality and self-determination in the realization of her future dream, which her family awaits with great passion. Suddenly, a shell sent by the Houthi militia to the Al-Masbah neighborhood in Taiz squandered everything: the dream, the passion of waiting, and the body and soul of the laboratory student, Sarah. Abboud Mohammed Mohammed Noman and Tareq Abdul Rahim Ali Hazmi rushed to save Sarah who was swimming in her blood and another shell snatched the lives of the rescuers. That's how the scene ended on 19\9\2015 and a barrage of shells continued to fall.

A bedroom .. that doesn't sleep

The bedroom in the Yemeni home has special family care. Why? The answer comes from a folk saying: If your life is sulk, improve your sleeping place. The family of the child Mohammed Mustafa applied the saying well, and Mohammed and his sister Renas were more interested in the elegance of the bedroom and took turns constantly to clean it. But the elegance of a bedroom in a house in the Dibba district of Taiz province would mean nothing to the Houthi militia, who fired a shell that penetrated the bedroom, disregarding family privacy and posters of rose vases on the walls. Mustafa, the father of Mohammed and Renas was injured and went into intensive care. The shell hit Mohammed the child in the legs and hands, while Renas was hit by shrapnel in the back. Since the shell of 11\8\2017 and the bedroom in Mustafa's house has been troubled by horror and does not sleep

Al Makha .. Blood coffee

Immediately after the liberation of Al Makha from the control of the Houthi militia, the people returned to practice their lives, which they had no taste for years under the oppression of the militia. Al Makha was once known as the city of coffee: The popular cafes are a permanent meeting place for the people who find in the cafe ample space to forget the sea fatigue, concerns of land, and most of the people work in fishing. Here, in front of a café packed with people and the warmth of life in the middle of the water city, a motorbike lurked nearby for the moment the crowd reached the height of ecstasy, shouting sea treats and their victories over waves and sharks. The liberation joy of the Houthi militia is what hurts the militia the most, so mines sow revenge and spread death bikes to cut off any celebration. The motorbike bomb exploded, leaving seven dead, including children and the elderly, and 15 seriously injured. The songs were silent on 28\1\2018 and the funeral began.

Bashir .. Festival of death

In the year that the child Bashir Ahmed Al-Shathly 7 years began to take off his milk teeth, a Houthi sniper shot almost took off his soul on 17\10\2018. Bashir was playing in front of his house in Al-Jah area of Beit al-Faqih district of Hodeidah province. The breathtaking beauty of Jah is tempting to play on its soft sand and under the shadows of its vast palms. Every year, there is a popular festival after the harvest of date trees. Where competitions, parades, horse and camel races, equestrian competitions, athletics, and folk dancing activities took place. Since the control of the militia, dates and the famous festival have disappeared and nothing remained but the death and destruction party

(Thabit brothers) .. A corpse

The Houthi militia has targeted dozens of industrial establishments in Yemen, and the Thabit Brothers Group is considered one of the largest in the private commercial sector. Katyusha rockets and mortar shells were fired by the militia on Thabit Brothers group in Hodeidah which lead to its complete destruction and injury of many of its employees. Among the victims was 'Abdallah' Ali Saif al-Qubati, who was killed by a Katyusha rocket fired by the militia on 21\1\2019. Among the wounded, Radwan Saif Muqbel who suffered a knee fracture and fragmentation on his pierced body. Ismail Hussein Ali was also seriously wounded on his body. After a series of targeting the industrial group (Thabit Brothers), the group completely ceased working and life. It's now a corpse.