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Kidi-B2 Mission

Kidi-B2 is a platform for Integration and Administration and will cover three inter-related areas.


 Integration  الاندماج


 2  Koordination التنسيق


3 Human Studies  الدراسات الانسانية

 In the field of integration we will start with the following projects:


  • To help  with the Psycho well being of the people who have lived and are still  living under difficult situations. We coordinate Psycho-social help that is not only culturally sensitive, but from the same culture and the same mother language.
  • Management of official correspondence as a dilemma faced by hundreds of thousands of people who are in Germany now, but come from an environment that is not familiar with official documentation and the legal implications. Through professionals and Volunteers we coordinate for you an easy to use  one to one support.
  • The investors club. Concentrating on the immigrant investor. This club will be were lose ends come to a band.

Kidi will inagurate its operatoins in the area of Integration with above listed project.



The other two areas :


Human Studies

are planned to start at a later date.

- Project Coordination

- Administrative Support



- Projektkoordinierung 

Administrative Unterstützung


تنسيـــــــــــق مشاريع -

الدعـــــــــــــم الإداري -


 Human Rights

حقوق الانسان

Menschliche nicht klassifizierte Bewegung- (HUM) zu sitzen.

Sitting the basis for - (HUM) Global Human Unclassified Movement - 

وضع الأسس لحركة   (هيوم) حركة كونية   أنسان غير مصنف